11 Bộ gồm Akemi Homura cosplay Trang phục, Tóc giả, Đồ dùng sân khấu và Phụ kiện

Akemi Homura props


Akemi Homura props

Đồ chơi PE và PVC

Akemi Homura phụ kiện

tất dài bằng lụa

Akemi Homura phụ kiện

đồ đeo đội trên đầu bằng nhựa

Akemi Homura phụ kiện

đồ chơi nhựa

Akemi Homura đôi giày

giày giả da

Akemi Homura Wig

tóc giả sợi cao su chống nóng

Akemi Homura Trang phục Cosplay

trang phục polyester

Akemi Homura Plush

Custom & Handmade

Giá Bán: US$605.58
Giá của Bạn: US$581.53 (Bạn đã lưu: US$24.05)

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Izzy 2015-06-29

Amazing quality, beautiful cosplay, love it!

Alexander 2015-01-16

Bought this about last week and paid a little extra for faster shipping. Its arrived sooooo fast to europe! And i fits awesome! Love it and also got a coupon so im 100% satisfied, great customer service and everything! Tho the whole vest with ruffles is a bit strange looking with the outer coat on, but that dosent matter. Definitely gonna use cosplayfu in the future

meiyosama 2014-01-29

Really well made costume, when it arrived i had to tailor it just a bit but thats only because i lost weight since i submitted measurements. ill add a picture soon although its only waist up.

Jonnie 2013-11-14

Hello, we ordered our Madoka Magica cosplay from you and we absolutely loved them. Our Male Homura cosplay is amazing and quality of the fabric is top notch! We have worn this cosplay from Fanime to Otakcon 2013.

Rosalie 2013-08-08

I received this cosplay a few days ago, and it is beautifull. No bad sides about it, just beautifull just like the picture and i received it in like 14 days after i ordered it... so that's pretty fast

Gemma 2013-08-08

This just arrived, and I must say, it's beautifully made. The top jacket is lined and comfortable to wear. However, the skirt is very short!

Mike 2013-08-05

I ordered this costume from Cosplayfu on June 16th and it arrived on August 1st, well within the delivery timeframe I had specified. I opted to give custom measurements - I'm 6'2", size 42 suit jacket, 36 waist by 34 inseam, 16 1/2" collar with 33" sleeves. Pretty tall dude. Cosplayfu's measurement guide was fairly spot-on, I just should have given myself a little more in the waist. If the worst comes to the worst, I can just reinforce the closure on the pants and join a gym. My only complaint: the jacket of the costume came with ruffles on the bottom trim. It looked cool to me, but on trying it on, they kind of bulked out the bottom and made me look like I had a gut. No worries, though, they look like they're just sewn to the inner part of the jacket's trim and an hour with a seam ripper will do the trick. My wife says I got what I paid for but it fits together quite well. The material is a decent polyester that has a good bit of stretch to it. The colors are perfect to the source material and while it took a moment to get used to the jacket cuffs and the sailor collar, it comes together nicely. This was one hell of a good bargain for what I got and I'm really happy with it. Could have done without the ruffles but that's the only thing wrong with it. My wife and almost all our friends make their own costumes, and I always feel kinda like the odd man out - Cosplayfu has turned that around. I'd order again from them in a heartbeat!

Amme 2013-06-07

The costume fits nicely and is really well made. It even got to me ten days earlier than the estimated arrival date, thanks Cosplayfu team ^-^.

Bailey 2013-05-28

This cosplay is gorgeous!! The seams are flawless and the measurements are perfect and fit comfortably! I love it so much and I can't wait to wear it to the con. :^) Thanks so much!

James 2012-06-04

My second favorite character Akemi Homura cosplay also a must have. The costume design is the best. From there, I continued to buy costumes from your site on a monthly basis. The CosplayFu Team is the best.

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